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Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League Expanded For 2024
February 8, 2024
a horse jumping a blue and white fence with Agria branding

Increased numbers of BE100 competitors can reap the rewards of the Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 league across the 2024 season.  Points will be earned across eighteen British Eventing events, expanding it from solely BEDE Events’ fixtures. Points accumulations will count towards major prizes at the end of the year.

Sponsored by the world’s oldest pet insurer, who in 2022 launched the UK’s only Lifetime Insurance for horses, The Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League will culminate in a grand finale for those qualified: the CCI1* class at October’s prestigious Osberton International Horse & Driving Trials.

The Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League is open to registered members of British Eventing who haven’t competed at Intermediate or above in the previous five years.  In a change for the 2024 season, the league will also be limited to those competing two horses or fewer, with British Eventing, in the 2024 season, with the aim of giving amateur riders the chance to compete on a level playing field at top class events. A horse and rider combination may accrue points in any BE100 division across the qualification events and the finale, although GO BE classes will not count towards point allocations.

Pre-registration is required to join the league, and points cannot be retroactively collected for events completed prior to registration. The participating events are as follows:

  • Oasby (1) – 7th – 10th March
  • Breckenbrough – 6th – 7th April
  • South of England – 6th – 7th April
  • Solihull (1) – 20th – 21st April
  • Calmsden – 23rd – 24th April
  • Osberton International (1) – 3rd – 5th May
  • Tweseldown – 10th – 12th May
  • Frenchfield – 18th – 19th May
  • Agria Equine Lifetime Shelford (1) – 26th – 28th May
  • BCA – 8th – 9th June
  • Catton Park – 15th – 16th June
  • Farley Hall – 21st – 23rd June
  • Brightling Park – 29th – 30th June
  • Forgandenny – 13th – 14th July
  • Blindley Heath – 10th – 11th August
  • Solihull (2) – 17th – 18th August
  • Agria Equine Lifetime Shelford (2) – 2th – 26th August
  • Sapey – 31st Aug – 1st Sept
  • Osberton International (2) – 3rd – 6th October – CCI1* Final

One point will be awarded for starting, one point will be awarded upon completion; two points for jumping clear in the showjumping phase; and two points for jumping clear (without time penalties) in the cross-country phase.

Those who meet the MER three times (Minimum Eligibility Requirements) may enter the CCI1* at Osberton, where triple points will be on offer; 6 points for showjumping clear, 6 points for clear cross-country (without time penalties), 3 points for completion and 3 points for starting. In addition points will be awarded for placings: 15 points to the winner, 14 points to the runner up, and so on, with 15th place receiving one point.

In a new development for 2024, Osberton International (2) will feature Pro/Am sections, with professionals and amateurs contesting separate sections (should entries allow), to allow for the fairest competition possible, and to compliment the ethos of the Agria BE100 League.

The league prize-giving will be held alongside the CCI1* prize-giving in the main arena, with all prize winners required to be in attendance.

Agria will be enhancing the prize pot for these events with:

  • £1500 cash prize pot for the league, including £700 to the winner
  • Agria goodies for the top 3
  • Agria sponsorship package for the year, including branded kit, photoshoot and lesson with one of Agria’s sponsored riders to the winner

Vicki Wentworth, MD of Agria UK and herself an eventer, says: “Agria is delighted to support this series which recognises the dedication and talent of the one- or two-horse amateur rider. We well know how much work, investment — and fun — goes into riding at a good standard and it’s this sort of partnership that Agria supports with our Lifetime Equine policy that allows veterinary conditions and ailments to be covered year after year, giving your horse the very best care possible. Best of luck to all those competing in the 2024 Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League.”

Stuart Buntine, BEDE Events Director, commented:

“Last year’s Agria League was very well received by competitors, and we noticed a trend of riders targeting included events to gain points, some travelling out of area to seek out new venues.  Once again, we’re indebted to the increased support from Agria to enable this initiative to proceed once again.

We’re looking forward to working with a wider network of events for the league, with all roads leading to Osberton at the end of the season.”

Full details for the league and registration forms can be found via here.