Aussie & Scot Blog


Firstly, I should explain my new ‘blog name’… you never know what is going to come up when you brainstorm with a group of people, and at some stage ‘Aussie’ (me) and ‘Scot’ (Alec Lochore) were born.

BEDE and Musketeer Events have been working together in the background for some time now, and this year we are stepping that association up a level, with all our horse trials running under the Tri-Star Eventing banner.

It has to be a no-brainer to join forces and offer sponsors and supporters of eventing the opportunity to access the sport at all levels, from grassroots to the top levels of international competition.

At BEDE, our motto is ‘Developing Quality – Leading Innovation’, and I am convinced that this sharing of resources with a similarly minded, forward thinking event organiser is the way to grow our sport using the proven advantage of scale, particularly when it comes to attracting new sponsors and creating innovative marketing ideas.

So, why team up with ‘Scot’? That’s easy. Not only did he compete at the top level (his wife, Emily, still does), he probably has more international experience than any other eventing Event Director in the country. I wouldn’t mind having this part of his CV on mine:

Eventing Competition Manager, London 2012 Olympic Games

FEI Technical Delegate, Normandy 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games

Event Director, Blair Castle 2015 FEI European Championships

FEI Technical Delegate, Rio 2016 Olympic Games

In the short term, what does this partnership mean for our Tri-Star Events? Aside from some new sponsor announcements due out shortly there is plenty to be excited about. Between us we run 15 affiliated horse trials, covering 35 days of cross country action enjoyed by 8,000 horses, and look forward to growing those numbers.

You can keep up to date with developments through our monthly blog – sometimes me, sometimes Scot.

Watch this space!