I all too often hear riders complaining about the ground… too wet, too hard, etc.  I agree that the ground must be level, this is definitely within the organisers’ remit, but with the changeable and inconsistent weather it is so difficult to deliver ground.  We all spend preceding weeks monitoring our favourite weather channel agonising over watering, aerating, etc only for the forecast rain to disappear overnight, or worse still to have a 2” downpour.  I understand that riders, and owners, are very careful about their horses, however, please do try to understand these challenges.


Last week we ran our first Eventer trial and were held ransom to the weather forecasts.  Five days out we were forecast 35ml of rain on the two days prior, ‘Great news’ ground will be good.  The day before still no rain, so let’s get the equipment out to aerate.  That done we wake up the next morning to see 20ml forecast for the afternoon, ‘Oh dear’……………….but then nothing.  Good night and wake up next morning to 35ml of rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who would try to predict the vagaries of the wonderful British weather!  Please do spend a moment and think of the anguish that organisers go through.


Preparations are well underway for Osberton, we are looking forward to all the new changes.  With the KBIS young horse qualifiers well underway I hope that you will support Brightwell’s sale at Osberton, if you qualified then here is your chance to contact them and enter into the sale.