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Oasby (1) Entries Update
February 9, 2024

Once again Oasby (1) has been a popular choice for competitors at the start of the season.  Entries have been closed to allow our team to produce a workable timetable that will allow as many competitors to have their entries on their chosen days.

Thursday entries have proved the most popular but sadly there is no way we can everyone on the one day.  We have looked at what we can do to try and get the numbers down.  British Eventing have kindly allowed us to open new classes on the Saturday – a BE100 and BE100Open and we are hoping that we can get approx. 120 entries to move to either Friday or Saturday.

Novice, BE100 and BE100open competitors have been asked to move days.  Those with Ballot stickers will also be affected as so many have used them.

Class Days
Thurs Fri Sat Sun
OI OI N 100Open
I OIu21 100Open 100u18
ON I 100 PT100
N ON 90 100
100Open N   90
100     90u18

Sunday’s classes are also FULL, along with Thursday.  We’re asking those able to move from Thursday to email Vanessa on  entries@bedeltd.co.uk before 6pm Thursday 8th February. If we do not hear from riders we will have to ballot many entries.