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Start Fee Refund Offer From Brightling
May 21, 2024

Together with Gardie & Di Grissell of Brightling, we’re offering a start fee refund for those entering Brightling Park (29th – 30th June) who’s horse has been affected by two or more abandonments this season.

Gardie and ourselves recognise how many riders have been subject to the wet start to the year and have found themselves losing money on abandoned events.  This is our way of giving a little something back to those who’ve supported us.

“We understand the trials that the weather has presented everyone this season, riders, owners and organisers alike. We have all been battling it, and we understand many riders have taken a finanical hit with the abandonments. We understand this is not a huge amount, but hope it will go someway to helping you all in your future events. We are grateful to Gardie & Di Grissell who have been so understanding and supportive of this. Brightling is a great location to hold an event and we hope to continue to run at this special location” Stuart Buntine.

Entries will need to be made in the normal way and then riders wishing to claim the refund will need to contact the BEDE Office to start the claims process.  Unfortunately we’re unable to do the verification at the point of entry, hence this will be a refunded start free rather than a free start fee at purchase.

Entries for Saracen Horse Feeds Brightling Park are now open with full information available here.