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Loyalty card terms & conditions

The card is allocated to one horse only and can only be claimed at events the horse starts at.

These can only be claimed at events run by BEDE Events throughout the season – please see below for the list of 2024 events.

Each time you come to one of our events please ensure you come to the Event Office to get your card stamped.  Once you have got 5 stamps, at your 6th event you will be able to come to the Event Office, and as long as you have your loyalty card, we will be able to refund you your start fee from that event by you filling out a refund form with the bank details of the account you want the money to be transferred into.

Please note that at the event you claim your Free Start Fee at we will not issue another stamp at that event, you will have to come to another event to start a card again.

To redeem the offer your card must be stamped and this is your responsibility to make sure this gets completed. Stamps cannot be issued retrospectively, it will need to be done at each event.

The cards are non-transferable and BEDE Events takes no responsibility if they are lost.

Once you have gained a full card you will be able to start again with another card. These are only valid for events in 2024.

Start Fee’s cannot be redeemed from Long Format Internationals.

Participating events being –

  • Oasby 1
  • Thoresby
  • Solihull 1
  • Osberton 1
  • Shelford 1
  • BCA
  • Catton Park
  • Brightling Park
  • Solihull 2
  • Shelford 2
  • Osberton 2
  • Oasby 2