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Yasmin Ingham Leads Exclusive 4* Walk
March 31, 2024

Reigning World Champion, Yasmin Ingham hosted an exclusive CCI4*-S course walk in the morning sun at Thoresby Park on Saturday, much to the delighted of those who joined her.  Yasmin walked the full course whilst the crowd followed and sipped champagne, taking on board her key insights into how she rode her clear rounds and what she looks for when walking a showjumping course. She explained each fence, how she would approach them and what she would do through each combination including lots of helpful hints and tips.

Yas explained that you should “always be looking up and beyond the fence, never looking down” pointing out the key benefits in jumping in an arena such as this, is that you have plenty of things in your eye line to use as a focus point beyond the fence.

Yas was then joined by course designer Beau Wood who explained that “time is, if you’ve got 11 fences, that [time] is the 12th fence.” Yas added, “they [seconds] matter, it’s frustrating to have a loss on a second over the time, its 0.4 for every second you’re over the optimum time so its costly.”

Yas finished explaining fence 10, the final fence and a double and said “we have a very upright, square double going down the hill again so it would be very easy to get drawn into the bottom of a fence like this so make sure you’re not getting too deep, too close to it and it’s very square in front so you want to keep them off the front rail and again for the last landing with your shoulders up, tailbone underneath you and really support the horse between your leg and the hand and then making sure you’re again not too close so they don’t have a roll over the last”.

Feedback from the course walk was brilliant with everyone agreeing it was very insightful and great fun.